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Hello! Good day how are you doing? Happy Workers’ day (its workers’ day in Nigeria and it’s a public holiday) Oh! How I love public holidays! And No! I’m not lazy. Thank you for reading my previous posts. Enjoy today’s post and No, I do not post every day and I’m just having what you call “blogging excitement”.

This post is to introduce you to a tech category, I call it engineering in practice and another name could be system repair or tech in practice. I have decided to go with the name engineering in practice.

What to expect in this category?

Here I will discuss my personal solved problems, this is the main journal aspect of my blog, challenges I have faced in the IT world and mistakes I have made, sites and blogs that helped me overcome and the steps I took. Tech gurus will find this category helpful and get insight after all, we learn from each other.

This post is dedicated to “GOOGLE” with the url (meaning uniform resource locator)  because of its immense contribution to my tech practice. Google has taught me, helped me, informed me, instructed me and been my partner in my tech journey. Thank you Google for your help “Lol”.

An introduction to a journal of my tech practice won’t be complete if I don’t tell you most if not all “solved problems” that will be written about here I have experienced either directly or indirectly.

Sorry about this post being short, it’s just an introduction. Drop a comment or two and let me know what you think. You are free to ask questions and I’ll gladly reply

Thanks for reading. God bless you.





laptop doctor

Hello! How are you doing? Thanks for reading my previous posts…I want to introduce you to a new non-tech category called miscellaneous… Here I will make announcements, write non-tech stuffs etc.

Why this category? As much as I love my profession – computer engineering, it’s not the most important thing in my life… God is the most important aspect of my life followed by my family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and of course you my lovely blog family.

The reason for this post is that I’ve decided to change my blog name as much as I love laptops, I do not want to restrict this blog to laptops so the new blog name is “Tech Doctor Naija” or “Technology Doctor Naija”. I prefer the first one but have not yet made up my mind. I’m so sorry for any inconvenience and I’m kind of glad the blog is still new so I can do lots of experiment without hurting you guys too much. If you have noticed, I’ve not chosen a permanent theme. I have not found the perfect one so here is my apology to you, please forgive me. Thank you for understanding

I’m sure some peeps were like she wouldn’t talk about computers only, she would want to digress a bit… I don’t know yet…only God knows and you are the factor that can determine that, if more people ask about mobile phone problems and desktop computer problems, I would reply them and that might make the blog look less laptop oriented. Hence the change of name to tech doctor naija.

This blog is not targeted at fellow technology doctors like me I mean it is not targeted at people who know the pros and cons of their laptops, desktops systems, tablets, smartphones etc. It is targeted at people who love their laptops because it is pink for the ladies and for the gentlemen because it can play the latest PES game. My aim is to help you understand why your computer works the way it works, how to go about first aid treatment of your computer, preventive maintenance etc. The tech gurus are not left out in the sense that they will help me not to go overboard or under board.

Watch out for more categories such as system security, fun & facts, tech in practice and tech interviews, tech reviews, mobile tech etc. Let’s see how things go or rather let’s see where God take us to.

I hope you love reading as much as I love writing. Kindly drop a comment or two, you can ask questions and I’ll gladly reply.

You can contact me via twitter @LaptopDoctorNg and email

Thanks for reading. God bless you


Simple Maintenance for Your Laptop Episode 2


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Hello! How are you doing this lovely Monday evening (its Monday in Nigeria)?  Here is episode 2 of system maintenance Enjoy!

  • Free your system from clutter, it’s just like arranging our wardrobes, we wouldn’t want shoes to be kept where our clothes are supposed to be. So keep documents in their own library inside different well named (labelled) folders for easy access do the same for your pictures, music, videos, setups etc. You empty the trash can at least every week, why don’t you empty your recycle bin at least once every two weeks, the recycle bin is not a place to keep your files, you either empty it or you restore deleted objects if miraculously the once deleted object now becomes useful. Just so you know, once an object is deleted from the recycle bin it can only be recovered through data recovery software so know what you are doing. To delete an object permanently so it doesn’t go to the recycle bin, select the object(s) and press the shift and delete keys simultaneously [Shift + Delete]. The recycle bin takes up space in your hard drive and it’s the first thing you should empty if you think you are having an almost full hard drive. Please do not let your system hard drive ever show you the red colour instead of the normal blue colour. An almost full hard drive means a slower system.
  • Please always use your laptop systems on a hard firm surface such as a table not your bed or the rug. As I’m typing this, my laptop is on a technical drawing board on my bed and not on my bed directly. The reason for this is because your system also breathes, what I mean is that those air vents talked about earlier need to receive fresh air while emitting hot air. When you place your laptop on your bed or the rug, the air vents which are most likely by the sides are blocked and the hot air can’t go out, it just goes back into the system and this causes overheating. Overheating is bad for your laptop, most systems give you a black screen with a message like system/CPU is overheating and has to shut down now and then the laptop forcefully shuts down. This is because most computer manufacturers have kept this as a precaution so the processor doesn’t over heat and get damaged. Your CPU i.e. central processing unit also known as processor is the brain of your computer and one of the most fragile components and hates heat so much that it has its own heat sink and cooling system (processor fan). If you must place your system on the bed or rug please place books under your system. Your laps are not a good surface either, I know it’s called a laptop but that heat it radiates I doubt if it’s good for your body system. Just place your laptop on a table and your body and system are safer that way “winks”.
  • Please and please let your laptop battery discharge after charging it. Do not let your battery keep charging without you discharging it i.e. using your laptop without it being plugged into power supply. Your laptop has a battery for a purpose, make sure you use it. If you are travelling without your laptop or you will not use your laptop for about two weeks or longer, kindly remove the battery and store the laptop and battery separately. Just like any other battery, if left without use for a period of time, it discharges itself and this is why your battery is likely to go bad and not able to hold charge if left in contact with your laptop for some time and not used. This is one of the reasons why your laptop and battery were packed separately when you bought them i.e. they weren’t attached to each other before purchase.
  • Please shutdown your system properly and let it rest. Yeah, I know it is a machine but machines have their maximum working hours limit. Why do you think factories do not work for 24 hours? It is because apart from the workers resting, the machines also rest. Do not use your computer for more than 12-18 hours every day even that is too much to me “sef”. It’s a good thing to continue your movie or novel from where you stopped but don’t make sleep or hibernation a normal routine for your laptop, shut down properly and take a break from it once in a while.
  • Maybe once in two years or there about, take your laptop system to an experienced technician for a thorough cleaning and preventive maintenance. Our systems accumulate dust after use and it needs to be cleaned.

Thank you for reading.God bless you


Simple Maintenance For Your Laptop Episode 1


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Hello, my name is ……. just call me laptop doctor and I’m a prospective computer engineer still in training though “hahaha”. Here are a few tips to help you maintain your computer systems; I am concentrating on the laptop personal computer (PC).

  • Please keep the liquids away from your laptop, I know people especially we ladies are fond of sipping our Fanta while working on our laptops, sort of like multitasking, but like all other electronics, your laptop hates fluids so keep it away. In the case of any eventuality, where you mistakenly pour a liquid on your laptop; if it’s off, please don’t switch it on until you have thoroughly and properly cleaned the fluid. If possible don’t let the liquid slip into your keyboard or the air vents (the holes by the side of your laptop or at the back of your laptop where heat is emitted from). It is not just liquids that can harm your laptop, small pieces of food and other materials can also be a big bother if allowed to get into your laptop especially your keyboard so be careful.
  • You absolutely need an antivirus if you cherish your files such as documents, pictures, music and videos. If you spend a substantial time on the internet which is most likely yes, please consider getting internet security software which is better than an antivirus. I personally use Eset smart security but there are a lot of other internet security and antivirus software in the market such as Avg, Kapersky, Norton, Mcafee, Bitdefender, Avira etc. I’m not here to canvass for a particular brand, just get one that suits your tastes and update it regularly. There are a lot of bad and I mean bad viruses, worms, trojans and rootkits flying around especially on the internet and you wouldn’t want to wake up one day and find out all your files have turned into shortcuts or disappeared (hidden files). If your hard drive or flash drive is showing as a folder instead of as a drive, then you have some foreign materials in there. A two thousand to four thousand naira spent on internet security software yearly would save you from the headache of losing your important files especially if you’ve got no backup (that’s another tip to be talked about later)

P.S The difference between antivirus software and internet security software is that an antivirus software protects you from viruses that fly around in your friend’s flash drives while an internet security software not only protects you from that but also protects you while you are on the internet.

  • Please have a backup of your files, your computer could crash anytime, I’m not trying to be a prophet of doom but your laptop is not a super power, it is a machine and machines do break down so please have a backup at hand… here’s how to set up backup on your computer (this works for windows operating system only, mac and linux users please google “how to backup a linux/mac based system”) Go to control panel and select file history under system and security and just follow the instructions on the screen. If you are still having trouble, just use google, it could be your best teacher. You can also do the easy copy and paste backup i.e. copy from your computer and paste into your flash or hard drive. Once in a month or thereabout you can do a comprehensive windows easy transfer backup, the reason why I love the windows easy transfer is cause it not only backs up your files and settings, it keeps them neatly arranged the way it is arranged in your system. It is specifically used for transferring your files and settings from your old system to your new system. If you are thinking of changing your OS or formatting your laptop. It is an efficient back up to use and it is faster than the normal file backup. You can search for windows easy transfer or files and settings transfer wizard if you are using XP and follow the instructions on your screen.
  • To improve your system’s performance, have less files especially folders on your desktop i.e. why you have documents, pictures, music and videos libraries, kindly make use of them. Having heavy folders on your desktop makes booting slower. If your system is always slow contrary to the expected, it might be that your hard drive is full or you have too many programs open at once or the most likely one which is that you have too many background programs i.e. programs that you did not open but have to be working so that your system can be in perfect condition, this might not be the case as some third – party software we install on our laptops have background processes thereby making our systems slower. One other thing that makes your system boot for long is too much start up programs, you can see this when you open task manager, right clicking on the taskbar and clicking on task manager or using the combination of the control, alternate and delete keys will also avail you the opportunity of doing so.[Ctrl + Alt + Del]. When you open task manager, navigate to start – up and you’ll see your start up programs. If you can’t see it here press the windows key and r key, the run utility is opened type msconfig and press enter, this opens your system configuration and you can then navigate to start up… Please and please if you don’t know what you are doing just best leave everything the way they are, you wouldn’t want to crash your system yourself. Start-up programs are programs that boot up with your system, without them starting, the boot process won’t be complete and included are some essential Microsoft services and programs that your system needs to be working, so be careful.

Thank you for reading, please sit back and enjoy the ride episode 2 will soon be out. take care and God bless




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Hello, My name is ……….. just call me laptop doctor. This is my first blog and I’m excited. I intend to share with you my knowledge and experience in IT. I am a female computer engineering student and have decided to start this blog as a journal to document my ideas of the IT world. I hope you enjoy reading my posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Thank you and God bless